Google UK- Partner Leadership Summit 2018

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Client: Google UK

Dates: November 2018

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Project Manager: Manuela Cadarso



To deliver the attendee programme for the 2018 Partner Leadership Summit, an annual event for 300 Googlers and their account partners from across the EMEA region.  A two-day event which included a welcome dinner, a gala dinner and a conference.

To create environments at the main conference and two offsite dinners that would allow delegates to learn, network with peers and deepen existing business relationships.

  • Develop and manage engaging content ideas to encourage discussion between speakers and the audience.

  • Design and deliver production concepts for main conference space within client office.

  • Source venues, design and deliver immersive production concepts for two separate guest dinners.

  • Work closely with event suppliers to ensure that all elements throughout the two-day event aligned with the overarching event objectives (including catering, entertainment and event styling).

  • Manage onsite logistics and crew.

  • End to end venue contracting and management.Clinic. 

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Main conference

  • Working alongside the existing event identity, Unicorn created unique and engaging content touchpoints - inside and outside of the main plenary space - to allow endless opportunities for interaction and conversation between the audience and the speakers.

  • Developing content with the speakers and the MC pre-event to ensure that everyone was aligned on what the guests would expect to receive from the event.

Welcome networking dinner

  • Unicorn exclusively hired an upscale bar in Dublin that is split over two levels, with a balcony overlooking the main bar and a variety of rooms with different feels.

  • The main entertainment was placed at the bar enabling all delegates to enjoy the same experience no matter their location - sparking conversation.

  • Utilising the various spaces allowed us to create curiosity among guests, encouraging them to explore the entirety of the venue with their peers - discovering different drinks or bowl food elements we had curated in line with the venue’s Little Italy/New York feel.

Closing dinner

  • Working within a prestigious Dublin venue, Unicorn completely transformed the feel of the space for the event closing dinner.

  • Managing the entire production build, we created an immersive black and white themed sit-down dinner, complete with various entertainment touchpoints.

  • To encourage cross country networking, a simple but effective colour-coded table plan was put in place to ensure that the main event goals were still being achieved.

  • The menu was curated to allow for maximum conversation, with family-style starters and stunning plating of the main course and desserts.

  • Local entertainment included traditional Irish dancers that surprised guests by dancing tabletop alongside them between mains and desserts and a post-event band that gave the room one final shared experience before the event closed.


  • Delegates were engaged and we had a high participant rate reaching upwards of 275 guests across both days.

  • The content in the main plenary, and satellite content engagement activities at the main conference were managed seamlessly.

  • All engagement activities at the main conference were utilised and rated positively by guests.

  • Unicorn worked to create an atmosphere that was very ‘Google’ and that was carried through both days and all venues, despite the offsite dinner venues having very different looks and layouts.

  • Both dinners were delivered without fault and well received by the group. This allowed for guests to network and build relationships with those they may not have done ordinarily.

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Hannah Luffman