Google UK - Online Safety EMEA Offsite

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Client: Google UK Ltd

Event Name: Online Safety EMEA Offsite

Dates: March 2019

Location: London

Project Manager: Elena Clowes



We were engaged to create a unique offsite dinner and conference experience for 50 Googlers from across Europe offices focusing on online safety.

  • Allow attendees to get to know each other better.

  • Create a team spirit among a disparate group of people.

  • Inspire attendees and give them the sense that they are working together towards something worthwhile.

  • To give the guests as British an experience as possible, while remaining true to the Google brand feel



  • For a dining experience with a twist, guests arrived at a central London location and were split into teams. Each team was given a chef and a box of ingredients that they had to design into a selection of British dishes.

  • After the invention and cooking activity was complete, guests had to taste and mark all food, with the winners announced over after dinner drinks.

  • For the conference session the next day, we used a central London members club that provided a fresh and unusual backdrop for the meeting.

  • We streamed the session live, with presenters speaking to and interacting with the audience from regions across Europe.

  • Sourcing and engaging an esteemed speaker to deliver the keynote in the field of online safety and security.

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  • Attendees over the two days commented that the dinner activity had been unlike anything they had experienced during the same event in previous years.

  • All guests immersed themselves into the competitive and networking elements of the dinner allowing them to build deeper relationships.

  • Through catering and location touchpoints, the event had a British theme running through it the entire time that ensured that guests were reminded of their host destination.

Hannah Luffman