Boots - No7 Skin Clinic



Client: No7

Dates: April 2019

Location: London, Birmingham, Liverpool

Project Manager: Manuela Cadarso



We were tasked to produce a three-day roadshow program taking place across London, Birmingham, and Liverpool in April of 2019, for popular health and beauty retailer,  No7 Skin Clinic. 

  • To launch two new No7 Laboratories products to market and media.

  • To manage event creative, production and logistics.

  • To align with the No7 brand and directly engage with / attract the target consumer - the Gen X woman.

  • To bring ‘Your Skin Clinic. At Home.’ to life and enable guests to live the No7 brand during their time at the activation.

  • To create multiple opportunities for guests to interact with the products and create influencer interest around the experience. 

  • To work with talent at one location, and deliver multiple panel sessions to share knowledge and further encourage conversation.



  • Working within the confines of a shipping container, we custom created a full interior build to replicate key elements of a house, in line with the No7 brand feel.

  • The activation narrowed the gap between professional clinic treatments and at-home skincare to represent the problem that the No7 Laboratories range provides solutions to.

  • Branding touchpoints and products were placed throughout the space to allow for brand interaction, product understanding, and multiple photo opportunities.

  • The ‘bathroom’ area allowed for guests to test the products on their own, while the ‘living room’ area allowed No7 skin consultants to give advice to guests and suggest products that might work for them.

  • The ‘kitchen’ area played home to media catering when needed as well as branded juice shots. This sat next to a branded wall incorporating the holographic element of the product packaging, this was used on each day during the press sessions.

  • The entire container was utilised for panel sessions as crowds watched from the outside.


  • All guests understood the concept and immersed themselves in the experience.

  • The guests that utilised the activation were largely the target audience, which suggests that the experience design was correctly positioned.

  • Awareness of the new products was raised in all three destinations, with it directly leading some customers to immediate purchase of the products.


Hannah Luffman