Why Roaming Entertainment is More Than Just a Gimmick

Hiring roaming entertainment is a neat trick to keep your audience engaged throughout an event without disrupting the flow of their day, forcing them into a specific area, or making the event seem too structured.  Roaming acts hit the sweet spot in your attendee’s consciousness that gives them authentic memories of the occasion.


Entertainment for entertainment's sake is the nemesis of all objective-based audience engagement. Subtlety is key in weaving entertainment into the event experience, and roaming entertainment provides talking points, the opportunity to engage as much or as little as you want to, and let’s face it - Instagram gold.

Still not convinced? Books got yo’ back.

Pine and Gilmore’s (1999) model ‘The Experience Realm’ proposed four key elements of experience, and how a sweet spot can be hit to strategically improve the attendee’s contact with the event, the way that they interact, and what they take away from it. 

The 4 Realms of Experience are:

Wandering Soul are a great example of roaming entertainment that adapts to the mood of guests in the room, seen here at a recent awards ceremony we created.


1. Entertainment
Characterised by passive participation and absorption.
An emotional connection, bonded with the excellent service and authenticity to the brand.

2. Education
Characterised by absorption and active participation.
Encouraging attendees to engage with the event on a personal level, creating memories through increased stimulation.

3. Aesthetic
Characterised by immersion and passive participation.
Engaging the senses through design and immersion.

4. Escapism
Characterised by active participation and immersion.
Creating a direct relationship between attendee and event. The experience they have through physical actions, mental stimulation, and being in the moment.

Roaming and interactive entertainment at your event hits all four realms of experience based on what the attendee wants to take from it. 

Escapist attendees can get up close and personal with roaming entertainment, experiencing the energy live,  and giving them the impression that their actions are an integral part of the event. Escapists could make requests, or lead a duet with a roaming band’s singer for example! 

Aesthetic attendees can watch from a distance, taking in the entertainment as it comes, and have the freedom to dip in and out of the performances as they please. The visual eclectic performances add to the overall vibe of the event, and helps please the Instagrammers of the group. 

Education centric attendees can engage deeply like the Escapists, whether they’re standing and foot-tapping to the music, or leading a conga line through the venue. Either way, these attendees are absorbed in the experience throughout!

Entertainment centric attendees need not dance, or make requests, but they can listen and engage with the array of entertainment on terms that suit them.

Roaming performances help to keep the event’s tempo upbeat, spreads the entertainment across the venue, and helps engage attendees regardless of who they are, or what they’re looking to gain from the event. Integrating a solution like this helps an event create an exciting and genuinely fun atmosphere, without pressuring attendees into ‘organised fun’ at a set time and place.

At any event, the energy that you put out into the event is what you’ll receive back from guests. Taking into consideration that guests may be tired (or even jaded by years of attending corporate events), you should overcompensate in terms of energy, and that’s why roaming acts work perfectly. Performers inject energy at all the right times, and act as an event’s pacemaker, setting the tone and atmosphere throughout the event, and even as a unique way of moving attendees around a venue without herding them with a traditional ‘Voice of God’ or repetitive schedule reminder.

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Hannah Luffman