Top 6 Bars & Restaurants in Dublin

Dublin is a vibrant city. 

It has fantastic flight connections and brilliant meeting spaces. In addition to that, it has an array of fantastic bars and restaurants.

Here at Unicorn Events HQ we love planning an event in a destination that we can fly to in less than hour. Dublin is a firm favourite of ours and hugely undervalued for events. It has fantastic flight connections, brilliant meeting spaces and is a compact and vibrant city. In addition to that, it has an array of fantastic bars and restaurants. 

Here are our top 6: 

Cafe en Seine

Without a doubt our favourite bar in the city, (which we may have mentioned a hundred times before to anyone who asks me) Cafe en Seine is exceptional. From the outside, it doesn’t look like much but the internal decor is both bizarre and wonderful. The venue has live music or a DJ every night of the week and a great buzz on the weekends. The food, booze and service are equally awesome.


Stumbling across this was a bit of luck as we were led astray by the lure of a secret courtyard when we were supposed to be en route to dinner. The pub is traditional Irish and full of local drinkers with thick Irish accents. Between 2 sides of the bar is a courtyard that really is the selling point of this pub, it is heated and covered and the perfect spot for people watching as the evening passes by.

The Temple Bar

The Temple Bar is of course right in the middle of the tourist area of the same name, but just because it is tourist central does not mean it isn’t worth a visit, the area is lively and colourful and full of people. The Temple Bar is everything you expect from an Irish Pub with live music, Guinness signs all over the bar and Irish flag bunting strung across the ceilings. It also houses the only licensed garden in the Temple Bar area. 

Fade Street Social

Food glorious food! Fade Street Social is undoubtedly the best restaurant in the city, possibly even further afield than that. The restaurant has a great buzz and a lovely winter garden for pre-dinner drinking. Once we had sat down a very excited and very knowledgeable waitress ran through the menu before we settled on the Salmon and the Beef Stew. The menu may look basic but the simple food is wholesome and truly exceptional. If you try one dish while you are there have the beef flatbread, whatever you do, have the beef flatbread.

Jameson’s Bar

While it may not seem very original to go to the bar at the Jameson Distillery whilst in Dublin, it is worth it. It is suitably touristy and decked out in full Jameson branding with a chandelier made out of bottles (cause of some excitement), solid wood beams running across the ceilings and an array of whisky based drinks. We would strongly recommend the apple and cinnamon whisky. Good Irish whiskies to kick start the day in a place where they do not judge you for drinking in the morning – bonus points to Jameson.


House is just on the edge of the city and one of our very favourite late night spots. Walking into what is, in fact, a house, (who knew) and out through to the garden you enter a beautiful covered courtyard complete with fairy lights and fake grass. The bar is particularly beautiful and the garden is heated so you can sit out and enjoy the ambience at any time of year.
Do you have other favourite spots in Dublin? We always love to hear from you!

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Hannah Luffman