Top 5 Things to do in Edinburgh

Exploring the city

At Unicorn HQ we are big fans of Scotland. Did you know their national animal is the Unicorn? Well you do now, and if you combine that gem of a fact with its history, culture, architecture and sensational countryside you will understand why we love it so. For the ultimate weekend escape head to Edinburgh, and then follow our handy top 5 guide below.

Climb Arthurs Seat

Originally climbed because of our obsession with the film One Day, Arthur’s Seat offers a lot more than a trip down movie memory lane. A recognised area of natural beauty, the hill stands tall over Edinburgh and is climbed by hundreds of tourists and locals alike each and every day. The walk itself is exceptional and the views from the very top truly breathtaking. The climb is definitely best enjoyed with a bottle of Prosecco looking back over the beautiful city.

Walk the Water of Leith 

While the Port of Leith may be a little disappointing the walk from Leith into Edinburgh is inspiring. A cobbled walk through quaint villages and woodland and all you have to do is remember to follow the water. The walkway is lined with small colourful terraced houses sitting right out on the water. The walk is perfect for talking the hours away and falling in love with a very different, very charming part of the city. 

Cut Through Princes Street Gardens 

How wonderful should it be that the quickest way to get across Edinburgh is to take a walk in the park that runs straight through the middle of it? The park is lined by the new town to your right, the castle to your left and the sea and hills behind you. It is also a hive of activity and romance as musicians play, dancers perform, families laugh and lovers hold hands. 

Discover the Underground City 

Not only is Edinburgh an exceptional city above ground it has an entire city standing underneath it. A warren of dark alleys, the 17th century town has been frozen in time. The city is still largely intact and can be explored on walking tours as whole streets remain for you to wander down and house fronts are still standing strong. Surprisingly the underground city is not known to all despite it being the most extraordinary thing about the beautiful city. 

Explore Edinburgh Castle 

The main attraction in Edinburgh, the castle sits atop the hill and is visible from the entire city. Best enjoyed at a leisurely pace the castle is exactly as you would hope an Iron Age fort to be, full of winding alleys and dark turrets surely hiding dragons and princesses. The highlight of visiting the castle is the views back across the city from standing in front of the canons. 

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Ben Milsom