The best of Indian food

Goa is my heaven. For my birthday I would like to be transported here and then fed curry under a Banyan Tree while occasionally being flown (by unicorn) to Mumbai for a quick street eat snack. Just in case that doesn’t happen (although I am backing it) I have listed my top 5 eating experiences in the 2 destinations so you can share some of the taste bud magic.

Goa – Banyan Tree

On the website they even list their location as “under the banyan tree,” could I be any more in love? Probably not. The setting is stunning; sitting under the canopy of the tree the branches are covered in fairy lights and there is a even a large swing you can relax on pre-dinner (I did not relax I swung back and forth and round in circles for a significant period of time but hey I was excited.) The food experience matches the ambience as the food is prepared from the onsite spice garden. Their speciality is the Thai green curry which is truly the best curry I have ever consumed.

Goa – Tuscany Gardens

The food here is excellent. Set high above the road this Italian has a simple menu with exquisite tasting food. Having actually gone here twice you feel a bit naughty eating Italian in the middle of the amazing Goan curry restaurants but every now and then a girl just needs a really good pizza. Mosquitoes are more of a problem than usual here but the helpful waiting staff will build a circle of incense sticks around you to warn them off.

Goa – The Stone house

Oh, I am such a sucker for a twinkling fairy light. The food is good, it is not amazing. The atmosphere, however, is exceptional. There are lights and lanterns everywhere amidst a beautiful courtyard in a house made of stone. They also have live music most nights with young artists singing along to their guitar.

Mumbai – Bademiya

Without a doubt, the defining moment in discovering my inner backpacker was while eating a 1300 rupee (£3) Paneer Tikka Roll from a street vendor. Don’t be put off by the fact that you will have absolutely no idea what is going on. The “waiters” will take your order, shout it back to the “chef” in Indian and then ignore you for a significant period of time. While you wait you may want to avoid the wild dogs, look out for resting cows and try not to make eye contact with the guy selling ice cream, which he has already taken out the packet for your convenience. Local people will be eating their meals off of nearby car bonnets and you will eventually receive your tikka roll. There are a million reasons why you absolutely should not eat food from here. There is one why you must, that bloody tikka roll.

Mumbai – Sheesha

Once again completely drawn in by the lanterns, this rooftop bar and restaurant is stunning. The restaurant is made up of low tables with big cushions for you to sit on. The waiters will encourage you to take off your shoes, cross your legs and sit back and relax in the middle of the rainbow of colours. The low buzz of noise from the road below adds to the experience and the paneer kebab is the obvious menu choice here. The restaurant is “hookah” (alcohol-free) but the creamy virgin cocktails make up for it.

Have you tried any of these? Or have you had an Indian experience that you think should make our top five? Click here to tell us about it!

by Hannah Luffman, Managing Director


Hannah Luffman