And if you’re looking for unique, you’ll find an abundance of amazing venues to hire in East London. This area of London is buzzing with creatives and all of this creative energy is reflected in the multitude of exciting East London Spaces. If you’re hosting a private party and you need to impress, we can’t think of a better way than by throwing it in one of these one-of-a-kind spots in the east of the city. 

We’ve put together some of our favourite unusual party venues to inspire you - here are the top ten! 

Anise Bar, Cinnamon Kitchen 

Anise Bar is part of the popular Cinnamon Kitchen, and younger sibling of the famous Cinnamon Club. The decor is sleek, but sumptuous, often changing style throughout the year, but always bringing style and elegance to the surroundings. As East London venues go, this is a chic cocktail bar that will impress everyone, and an inspired choice for a private party. 

37 Jewry Street 

This exclusive venue in East London has cocktails, champagne and a touch of glamour about it. It’s a chic Space for entertaining guests or hosting a private party - with the opulent decor boasting everything from velvet to chandeliers. If it’s a bit of luxe you’re after, this Space will deliver. 

The Magic Roundabout 

When you’re looking for a venue to hire in East London, this one might have passed you by. You’ve probably walked past it, underneath it, around it - without even knowing it’s there. That’s because the Magic Roundabout (aptly named) sits, quite literally, in the middle of Old Street roundabout. Its unique location makes it one of the most unusual party venues in the area, but at the same time it still has all the classic elements you need for a great party - beers, cocktails, food and music. And - even better - if you’re hosting an event in summer, this Space has outdoor areas to enjoy the sunshine (English weather permitting…). 

Looking Glass Cocktail Bar 

Looking Glass Cocktail Bar is one of our favourite places on the Shoreditch cocktail bar scene - and given the number of cocktail bar venues in East London, that’s saying something! It’s not just the incredible cocktail list or beautiful decor that makes it stand out as one of the most exciting and unusual party venues - but also the secret room through the looking glass…


Cargo is a classic Shoreditch party venue, through and through. One of the best known venues in East London, this Space has a unique atmosphere thanks to its location underneath the railway arches. The high arched ceilings and exposed brick walls provide the perfect set-up inside: spacious, but with a cool party feel. And there’s even an outdoor area too, just in case the sun comes out!

Ninetyeight bar 

Ninetyeight bar is all about the eccentric and eclectic. With mismatched furniture, intricate details and finishing touches to the interiors, this venue stands out for its one-of-a-kind surroundings. This Space oozes creativity and playfulness - it’s a perfect Shoreditch party venue!

Secret Garden, South Place Hotel

The Secret Garden in South Place Hotel is, as the name suggests, a hidden spot - and a unique venue to hire in East London. If you’re after a touch of tranquility and somewhere to escape the chaos outside on the busy streets of the city, this Space is an oasis of calm. The plants and tropical touches give this East London venue a unique atmosphere for a party!

Shed Event Space 

A basement/carpark Space - the very definition of an unusual party venue. East London is well-known for a bit of creative thinking with where and how events spaces and venues pop up, and this is the perfect example. As Shoreditch party venues go this is one of then more unique and - we think - exciting!

Dalston Fish Tank 

Looking for a venue to hire in East London with a fish tank included? Well - it might not have been on your list of essential party venue decor, but this is definitely one way to create an atmosphere and a talking point for all your guests! When it comes to impressive and unusual party venues, this one ticks all the boxes.

Trapeze Bar and Club 

With a circus theme throughout the Space, Trapeze Bar and Club has the party vibe and entertainment already sorted out for you. The interiors are brightly coloured, imbuing the whole venue with energy - if you’re looking to celebrate in style this Shoreditch party venue is the place to do it! 

So there you have it! Our ‘Top 10 Unusual Party Venues to Hire in East London’. 

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